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What You Need to Know about BMW X6 2018

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BMW X6 2018 is no doubt a good SUV. It combines the qualities of a full-sized SUV with a luxury coupe. It has the qualities of both and is appealing to fans of both types. If you are considering to buying this car, it is always a good idea to know more about it.

Here, we will tell you about BMW X6 2018’s performance, design, the good, the bad and the price. Let’s see what’s this car is capable of first, shall we?



There are several X6 models you can opt for. All of them come with a powerful engine with 8-speed automatic transmission and two turbochargers. These engines can generate 300 (6-cylinder engine) to up to 567 horsepower (X6 model M). According to EPA estimation, X6 has 18/25 mpg fuel economy.

While X6 looks huge, handling it feels more like a sports sedan rather than an SUV. Its suspension system keeps it comfortable while at the same time limits the body roll.



BMW X6 looks very appealing for a crossover SUV. It has a low, athletic stance, which convey aggressiveness, power, and speed. X6 also has slick side ventilation and big front air intakes, further adding its aggressive looks. Better yet, the stylish wheels and exhaust tips are both functional and aesthetical.

The interior looks more of a small sports sedan than an SUV. The back seat and cargo area are modest. However, the cabin is excellent. It has plush front seats, cutting-edge technology as well as high-quality materials.


The Good

  • Stylish and Aggressive

X6 has a stylish yet aggressive styling. While it is imposing, it is delightful to look at. X6’s exterior design emphasizes its sporty look.

  • Powerful Engine

Apparently, the sporty look of X6 is not without reason. Under its hood, there is a powerful engine: a 3.0-liter, inline 6-cylinder, turbocharged engine. This powerful engine can generate 300 and up to 657 horsepower, depending on the model.

  • Upscale Interior

Sporty look, powerful engine, what else? X6 also has an upscale interior. Its stylish interior is made of high-quality materials, making sure the driver and the passengers feel comfortable.


The Bad

  • Not Ideal Visibility

The aggressive style does not have a drawback, though. The rear window of X6 enables the driver to see the road adequately but the visibility is less than ideal.

  • Nonreclining Rear Seats

Another bad thing about X6: nonreclining rear seats. Compared to other SUVs, passengers in X6 have fewer options regarding seating position.

  • Expensive

Last but not least, X6 may have various great options, but they are all expensive. Selecting several packages will increase its price considerably, making it less than ideal option for car shoppers on a budget.



The price depends on the model. For the model, the starting price is $62,700. As for the xDrive50i and M model, the prices are $77,450 and $104,100, respectively.

These are the performance, design, the good, the bad and the price of BMW X6 2018. Since you already know these things, now you can make a more informed decision. We hope this article helps you. Good luck!

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