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Looking Forward to Buying BMW Z4? Here Are Things You Must Know

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Knowing what you are going to buy beforehand is always good. Here, we will tell you about BMW Z4, its performance, its design, what is good and bad about it and its current price. So if you want to know these things, just read on.



BMW Z4 is a good option if what you want is a relaxed cruising and not corner carving. Z4’s spaciousness and refinement make it a very practical choice for daily driving. The downside is that it is not nearly as nimble or quick as other luxury sports cars.



Z4 comes with a turbocharged 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder engine capable of generating 240 horsepower and good acceleration. It is rear-wheel drive. There are also more powerful engines (twin-turbocharged, 6-cylinder engines) available for Z4, which are capable of generating 300 and 335 horsepower. Both automatic (8-speed) and manual (6-speed) transmission are available.



A hard-top convertible, Z4 has roomy, two-person interior which offers plenty of legroom for adults. Its cabin has a very attractive design and is made of high-quality materials. It has above-average trunk space (8 cubic feet) and a small storage bin behind the seats.


What Is Good about It

  • Horsepower and Torque Options

There are several horsepower and torque options available in both automatic and manual transmission. The standard Z4 has a 240 horsepower engine capable of delivering 260 lb-ft torque. So if the standard is not good enough for you, you can choose one with a 335 horsepower engine with332 lb-ft torque.

  • Sleek, Expensive Trim

Instead of leather, BMW uses leatherette which resembles real leather. Combined with chrome accents and wood trim, the leatherette makes Z4 look like it is more expensive than it is. Even better, the chrome accents and wood trim carry over to the dashboard and doors as well.


What Is Bad about It

  • Poor to Average Handling

Many car shoppers search for sports cars is because they expect easy handling from them. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Z4. It has poor to average handling. The car may need adjustments so you can handle it with ease.

  • Complicated Controls

The controls in Z4 are complicated, especially for drivers who are new to BMW. It will take some time to learn how the controls work.



Before we tell you the price, do note that BMW Z4 is no longer produced. This means that the following is the average price for pre-owned Z4.

The average price for a base model (sDrive28i) Z4 is $49,000 while the average price for a top model Z4 (sDrive35i) is $65,300. These are the average prices. The price may go up or down, depending on many factors such as mileage, condition, features, and location.

That’s all. Now that you know how BMW Z4 performance is, its design, its good, its bad as well as its price, do you think it is a fitting car for you? Z4 may not be as nimble or quick as other luxury sport cars, but it is a great choice for daily driving and relaxed cruising.

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