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BMW X7: Performance, Design, and Style

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BMW X7 has not been released yet. But, many people are expecting it. Are you interested in X7? Perhaps considering buying it in the near future? Well, it is always a good idea to know something beforehand. This article will help you do just that. We will give the overview of X7’s performance, design, and style.


Before We Start

Not much information is available at X7. After all, this SUV will not be released until late 2018. Also, BMW has not yet released its details too. That being said, we can make one or two educated guesses about X7.

There are many expectations and speculations as well. While some of the expectations and speculations may not be true, it is still exciting to guess how this car will look like and what features it will have.

Alright, now let’s get to the overview.



The 2019 BMW X7 will be a 3-row-capable large luxury SUV that seats between four and seven, depending on whether you set up the second row with captain’s chairs or a bench seat, and whether you include the third row.

BMW X7 is soon-to-be-released 3 rows seating large SUV. As it is going to be the flagship SUV of BMW, X7 will likely to have features that the 7 Series sedan has. For instance, cutting-edge safety systems and infotainment.



We don’t know exactly what engine X7 will have yet. However, there are expectations and speculations about it. Many expect that the soon-to-be-released behemoth will come with 6-cylinder, 3.0-liter turbo engine (petrol or diesel) and a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine capable of delivering 445 horsepower.

All-wheel drive is expected to be at least available for X7. Since BMW is well-known for performance, so it is likely that there will be powerful engine options here.


Design and Style

Although many of X7 concept features, such as glass roof with laser light accents, will not make it into production, there are some design elements you can expect in X7 final version.

On its concept design, X7’s cabin is filled with multiple large screens. It appears that the SUV will include multifunction displays on its front part and tablet-like infotainment screens on its back seats.

As for the interior, you can expect X7 to have open-work wood and satin metal accents, which can be found in the BMW 7 Series. X7 concept also features pedestal seat bases, which provide maximum legroom for the passengers on the rear seat.


Pros and Cons

Since X7 has yet to be released, there is not yet known for pros and cons.



How much will X7 cost? There is not yet known information about the price. That being said, we can make an educated guess by seeing 2018 X5, which has a starting price of $56,950 and up to $100,700. You can expect X7’s price to be in this range, at least for the base model.

BMW X7 is not yet released. Its details have not yet released and it is still undergoing testing at the moment. However, X7 is expected by many to have a powerful engine, stylish design, and cutting-edge features. What do you think? Are you interested in BMW’s soon-to-be-released new flagship SUV?

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