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BMW X3 2016 Reviews

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BMW X3 is a mid-size car crossver SUV made BMW since 2003. This car is a car made by BMW to penetrate the market of SUV cars with a smaller size than the BMW X5. Despite choosing a smaller size apparently this car is more popular than the X5 and has sold more than 1.5 million units worldwide.
By using the design of the crossover SUV, X3 comes with the emphasis of a more sporty style and can be used everyday. This sporty design is supported by the interor section is quite luxurious and also comfortable for everyday use. However, X3 is actually more suitable to be included into the class MPV than as an SUV. Because of its low shape and smaller when compared with BMW’s actual SUV product that is BMW X5.


Sporty design

BMW X3 is a vehicle designed for various purposes everyday. The shape is not too big making it a choice of crossover cars to drive everyday.

The front view of the BMW X3 2016 is grayed out from the front

The front is still using a double kidney grill


Design the front

The design of the front is made according to the standard BMW car by using double kidney grill by using headlamp design which is more dynamic than previous generation. The hood and bumper front that contains, make this car very handsome and ready to break through various obstacles on the streets.

Pictures of BMW X3 2016 are grayed from side view

The side with low ground clearance


Side design

From the side, BMW X3 2016 looks more relaxed with ground clearance is low enough for an SUV. The pull of a firm body on the front to the back makes this car look dynamic.

Pictures of BMW X3 2016 are grayed from the back side

The back looks masculine


Design Backside

The back of this car is quite masculine with curves of the body is quite firm with bumper guard affirm the impression of this SUV from this car.


The cabin space is comfortable

The cabin of this car is quite comfortable with adequate space for the legs and head. For convenience, this car uses dual zone air conditioning and settings for passengers in the second row.

Materials used in this car mostly use the skin and exercise is very achievable with the best build quality. In some parts we can see the use of chrome black piano to make a luxurious impression of this car.

Draw the dashboard section of the BMW X3 2016 with features in it


The dashboard is very compact

Design the dashboard

The dashboard of BMW X3 2016 is made very compact by using chrome in some sections to create a luxurious impression of this car part of the entertainment and car settings using iDrive system embedded in the dashboard and the settings button is in the center console that is able to provide information and manage all the functionality this car with ease.

The steering is already using the telescopic system and also tilt to deliver the comfort tinkgat that suits the needs of the driver. In this section there is also an audio steering switch that can be used to answer the phone or adjust the audio volume.


Front seats wear semi bucket model

Chair design

Front seats are made with a semi bucket model to enhance the sporty impression of this car. This chair can be electrically arranged and tailored to the needs of passengers.


The trunk of this car is spacious and relieved, capable of carrying many items or suitcases when you are on the go. If needed the seats in the second row can be folded very easily to provide more space.



BMW X3 2016 features complete safety and convenience for an SUV. Here are some features owned by BMW X3.

Safety features

This car has a water safety sitsem bag Dual SRS Airbag for front and rear passengers, Child Lock, ABS braking with EBD, Safety belts with pre-tensioners, crash sensors, front impact beams, side impact beams, traction control, body roll stability, tire pressure check. For security itself is equipped with Alarm features, Automatic door locking and Immobilizer.


Entertainment features

In the entertainment section using the iDrive touchscreen system on the dashboard with the settings button in the center console. This feature can be used to select the driving mode, check the car, navigation system, phone, play music with integration to smartphone.



This car uses a choice of diesel engines and also gasoline.  This machine has a cylinder capacity of 2,000 CC with a maximum power of 260 HP on the mesindiatas round of 1,450 RPM, while the maximum torque that can be produced sebesa 4000 NM. For the suspension section using McPherson Strutr on the front and Multilink on the back by using alloy wheels of 18 inch.


This car is able to reach speeds from 0-100 km / h in 8.1 seconds with a maximum speed of up to 25 km / hour. From the engine side of this car can be a pililhan for you who need a vehicle for various activities.

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