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BMW M9 Review

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BMW M9 is expected to have some improvements compared to the last model. It is because BMW has never been having a well-accepted sports car lately. The M1 may be legendary but it has flaws and problems that make it never truly accepted. So, M9 is expected to show the world that BMW is not only famous for making sedans but also manufacturing a great supercar. It is rumored that the M9 will be inspired by the hybrid car BMW i8 with some changes, especially in chassis and gears.

M9 will be a powerful car so with extravagant exterior and comfortable interior design. For you who is interested in this kind of car, here is the review of the BMW M9.



The latest BMW M9 has a rounded and muscular look on the front end. It is equipped with LED lights and just like mane sporty cars on the market, there are wide air intakes below the front lights. Meanwhile, the rear lights are much less long than the front lights and also equipped with LED lights. The 20-inch tires combined with the car’s low position, curves and dents represent how great the sporty design of the car.



There are some parts that may be inspired by the look of i8, but M9 will not be equipped with the i8 futuristic look interior. Though, it has sophisticated technology on board such as Bluetooth and SB connectivity. The latest BMW M9 has elegant, comfortable and luxurious interior design just like the previous model except with some improvements. As a two-window sporty coupe, the car has a spacious and sporty cabin with high-quality leather that looks luxurious. On the passenger seat, there is only one seat row for two passengers max.



The car is expected to have a very powerful engine and may not change much from the previous model. It will have 3.2 liters of an inline-6 turbocharged engine under its hood. The engine is powerful enough to have strength around 600 horsepower. Pretty amazing isn’t it? It is very different from any engine from the same class cars. With such power, the car is expected to reach 0-60 mph only in 2.9 seconds with the potential top speed of 155 mph. Even more, for the higher-end product, it will be a hybrid and use petrol engine that can have 800 horsepower.

Even though there is no exact information about the engine since this latest BMW M9 is still in progress, there is some information that mentioned the engine is predicted would have either V12 or V8. The engine will be combined with automatic transmission that will have nine speeds. Regarding how powerful the engine is, M9 will be suitable for buyers who craving a powerful sports car.



The manufacturer has not released the information about how much the latest BMW M9 will cost. Based on the looks and the estimated performance, M9 will have a price tag around $300,000 which how much the 2018 model cost is. Meanwhile, the release date is scheduled to be at the end of the year of 2018.

That’s the review of the 2019 BMW M9. It is expected to be a very powerful both on look and performance. Of course, it will be suitable for buyers who enthusiast with such vehicle.

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