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Rumor has confirmed that BMW M8 will be released for its 2018 version. It probably will be released to mark the centenary of BMW. It will be the best product to mark BMW’s comeback in supercar competition as it has been years since BMW released its latest supercar. There are also rumors that the car will adopt the lightweight concept of BMW i8. The 2018 M8 will be like a BMW i8 powered by gasoline. It shows that the car will be more focus on the power and top speed that the environmental safety aspect. For you who are interested in BMW M8, here is the review.



Actually, the information about BMW M8 has not been fully released. The information is mostly based on rumors and many spy photos about the car. Based on such information, the M8 will be inspired by BMW i8 combined with some elements from M1 Hommage design. This combination may make the best look for the car as it will be released as a supercar.

The hood adopts V-shaped hood with sculptured scoops. On the front, the car will have the “BMW nose” with small shaped lights on both sides. Below, there are air intakes that look necessarily provide sufficient air cooling. The lights, both front, and rear are equipped with laser –light technology. On the back, there is a diffuser which helps with the aerodynamic for greater speed and grip.



There are not so many information about its interior about the 2018 BMW M8. The unpredictability of its interior will make the supercar enthusiast remain curious. It is obviously will have more advanced technology than its predecessor. Even more, it may be more advanced in technology aspect as the M8 will have a full year to be completed.

From the spy photos, the interior looks sophisticated and inspired by the i8 vehicle. This look may not change much when the car is released in a year.  As it is inspired by BMW i8 interior, it safe to assume that the interior is equipped with carbon fiber and wrapped with high-quality leather.



Even though BMW M8 is inspired by i8 both in exterior and interior, the car seems to choose to use the different type of powertrain. If the i8 has a 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine with electric motor combined, the M8 vehicle will use twin-turbocharged V-8. The engine is expected will have an output of 600 horsepower. With such huge horsepower and lightweight design, about 3,000 pounds, the engine will allow the car to reach 0-60 mph only in 3 seconds with the top speed up to 200 mph.


Price and release date

As it is mentioned before, the car is scheduled to be released in a year or maybe longer. You can expect that the release date will soon be released publicly with some revelation about the car hitting the road. About the price, it has also not been released yet, but judging from the exterior, interior, and engine, the car approximately will be released with a price tag of around $200,000. Of course, the car will have its fellow competitors such as Porsche 911 and 2018 Audi R8.

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