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BMW M3 was born as a limited car in 1986. It has become a legend performance cars world. It comes only in a sedan. M3 has to compete with its fellow competitors like Cadillac’s two V-cars, Shelby Mustang GTR350R, Chevrolet Camaro, and Mercedes-AMG C63S that are included in the 4-second club. These cars can reach the 60 mph in 4 seconds and cost around $100,000. BMW has to compete with these manufacturers or go home. M3 is proven to defeat all of its competitors with its twin-turbo straight-six.



On the outside, BMW M3 has the twin nose like most of BMW cars and the nose is connected to the lights. There is large central cooling channel below the nose and lights. It has sophisticated aerodynamic that ensure the cooling and lower lift. The spoiler, front gills and side mirror improve the aerodynamic to manage the airflow. It has the pure sedan look from its greenhouse. Then, there is the Hofmeister Kink at the back, the rear window shape that leads to the back door.



On the inside, there are the infotainment screens like other BMWs that stand out from common dashboard style. There are sports chairs, with space for five persons. However, it has a small back seat. The car offers 10- way front seats complete with the driver’s seat memory, keyless lock, and leather-wrapped steering wheel.

For the electronic attributes, there are Bluetooth, navigation system, BMW iDrive infotainment system, and the Harman Kardon 16- speaker audio system. It is also equipped with the rearview camera, blind spot monitors, surround-view camera, lane-departure warning, speed limit info and the advance warning system with an auto emergency.



The M3 is equipped with powerful engine and a twin turbo 3.0 liter inline six. It is enough to produce 425 horsepower and torque 406 lb-ft. The engine will make roaring sounds from its 7500-rpm redline. M3 also comes with competition package that offers 444 horsepower and also 20-inch wheels. As it was mentioned before, BMW M3 can reach 60 mph in less than 4 seconds with the dual clutch transmission. This acceleration can reach three digit speed consistently.



With its powerful engine, BMW M3 is the cars that are excellent both on the street and on the track racing. From the engine and top speed, it stands out from its fellow competitors, especially for a car that costs below $150,000. The interior offers tasteful design with superb and sophisticated front seats. Meanwhile, the outer look is discreet.



Even though it is less than $150,000, M3 is quite expensive especially if you want to buy the car equipped with competition package and the sophisticated front seats. The car is also lack of steering feedback. The sound of the engine somehow is glorious and horrible. The sound is not very comfortable to hear in the full song. It is the sound of pipping machine that screws up the melodies.



The car’s prices vary from $113,000 for base M3, to $135,000 for BMW M3 with the competition package. The car will become more expensive if you do not buy it in plain white. Lick color addition will cost you more.

That is all of the BMW M3 reviews. The car is obviously the best in its class even though it costs more for some upgrade.

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