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BMW i9 is a commemoration of the hybrid cars that BMW have released so far. The car was claimed can produce 500 horsepower with its hybrid engine. With this power, the i9 become the fastest of its version. The car was rumored to be a sporty version of BMW i8 and it is proven to be untrue as it will have updated and its own signature looks. The car is arranged to be released on the 1000th anniversary of the Bavarian factory which will be the first model of its series in the year of 2018. Here is the review of BMW i9.



The outside body is made of carbon fiber that makes the car’s sporty body looks great. Cool design of front grille and larger gin meet the trapezoid end give details and improve the car’s look. Even more, it is supported by unique color palette. The front and the back of the car has the aggressive and arrogant look which make it even more attractive.

The natural materials of the exterior, which is the carbon fiber, increase the fuel saving and speed through its aerodynamic shape. It is like that the car was made to be a show-off both the design and the manufacturer.

Rumors that said the car is the sporty version of i8 is untrue as the BMW i9 will have its own signature look. There is a changing on the scoop hood. The 20-inch alloy wheels give the authentic feeling about the car’s look. As we look the car from a distance we notice that the steel sheets have become the main ingredients.



The car has natural skin wrapped some of the interiors. It has more comfortable interiors that the i8 that certainly will distinguish i9 from its predecessor. The buyers will expect the latest technological attributes such as Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth and wireless battery charger that surely will change the market.

The BMW i9 is a BMW super premium and the interiors prove that. There are some parts of the interior that has similar look with the i8. However, some adjustment and difference in color make it more distinct. There is a touchscreen on a special corner dashboard that enhances the modern feeling of the car.



The BMW i8 has a straight twin-turbocharged with a twin-capacity gasoline engine. As it was mentioned, it can produce up to 500 horsepower with torque 450 lb-ft. It can reach its top speed up to 200 mph with acceleration from 0-60 mph less than 4 seconds. The car uses two electric motors along with a number of batteries despite the fact it uses 3.0-liter engine with six cylinders.

Furthermore, the advanced version of this hybrid car will have an engine that can produce up to 600 horsepower with 600ft-lb torque. Its automatic seven dual clutches will help the driver to speed up the car up to 210 mph and accelerate it 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds.



The 2018 BMW i9 is expected to be released with $175,000 price tag. It deserves to have that high price as the car reach the top rank easily. However, there are rumors has that the price can vary from $175,000 to $250,000 depends on the models that will have the more powerful engine. The car surely gets the attention from supercar fans.

That’s all about the review of the BMW i9. The supercar surely deserves the attention as it has the modern and beautiful design with great performance.

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