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BMW i8

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BMW Series i belongs to a car with hybrid technology or pure electric from BMW. i8 is the first series that was introduced by BMW to Indonesia since two years ago. The company claims that this model as the world’s first sports car produced with a focus on the principle of sustainable development or environmentally friendly. Let us review all about BMW i8 for your information.



First of all, we would like to see the exterior. In a glimpse, you may notice that it is a Ferrari, but it is actually a BMW. Well, BMW i8 is a futuristic can that adopts hybrid technology. So, it is undeniable that it belongs to a very expensive car due to its wonderful and modern exterior design. The car brings a supercar or sport car concept with futuristic accent. Meanwhile, the door uses open-up concept with that really looks awesome. Overall, the exterior design really looks flawless with its shiny accent. You can choose several colors such as blue, white, red, and much more.



When we see the interior design, you will be amazed at the wheel design that looks really futuristic in black color. This cool supercar is really full of luxury and sophisticated features that are equipped in the car. It has a dynamic design and has comfortable seats despite it is only equipped with four seats. There are so many things that you can get from the inside such as bucket front facing rear seat, fixed read windows, BMW online selective service internet access, electric seat adjustment, and much more.



Since it uses hybrid technology, so you can charge the battery of the car, but it is only compatible with a charger made by BMW. BMW i8 is equipped with a conventional engine as great as 1500cc. The engine has a power of 228 hp powered and is supported by electric motor up to 129 hp. Yep, this car belongs to an electric car that is very economical. According to some people, this car only requires 90 minutes of battery charging to travel up to a total distance of 35.2 km.


The Strengths of BMW i8

Of course, when you ask about the superiorities of this car, you may not doubt it because it is a really amazing supercar that has a lot of features. The first strength is that the car belongs to a hybrid car, so you can both use fuel or electricity. Secondly, from the design, this car is really futuristic with comfortable seats. So far, this car is really flawless and you can get any features on this car including the open-up doors which really look cool.


The Weakness of BMW i8

Now, is there a drawback that you can find on this car? Maybe, it is no weakness found in the car, but the price. Well, this car belongs to a very expensive car in which not all of the people can buy it. This is a futuristic car that costs so much. If you really want to purchase this car, you have to prepare $200000. Now, it is your decision whether you want to buy this car or not.

Finally, that’s all you need to know about BMW i8 that has a lot of features, but it is really expensive to afford.

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