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BMW 535i

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Recently, BMW presents the latest generation for BMW 5 Series in Asia. BMW 5 Series presented is in five models, they are BMW 520i Modern 2.0 liter, 528i Luxury 2.0 liter, 535i M Sport 3.0 liter, 520d Modern 2.0 liter, and 4.3 liters BMW M5. BMW 535i is one of the most popular models that are still available for sale now. Well, now we are going to review BMW 535i that becomes a good choice if you want to have a car with sedan and SUV combination.



BMW 535i has a revolutionary design that combines a sedan with an SUV. We can call it as BMW Crossover while the spirit of Sedan is still mounted in the front part. It also has an aggressive design with round and thick contour which makes it look minimalist and elegant. In a glimpse, it really resembles an old roadster. Meanwhile, the ceiling is also a bit higher to provide more space for our head. In fact, it is not only high, but it is also quite long as if you see a Seri-7 that is combined with X6.



Meanwhile, in the part of the interior, BMW adds 10.2-inch screen size control that is combined BMW navigation system professional with iDrive Touch operating system. All these systems are digitally displayed. Particularly, in a modern and luxury BMW, it adds a layer of leather in the seats and exclusive wood trim. There are also two 9.2 inches LCD screen on the back that are connected to a DVD and a USB port with Harman Kardon Surround Sound system. In addition, BMW Connected Drive and iDrive touch Control become the superiority of this car.



When we see the engine performance, we will notice that BMW 535i is equipped with a powerful engine and TwinPower Turbo. In addition, BMW also embeds brake energy regeneration feature, eco pro, and auto-start and stop. In addition, it is also equipped with Twin Scroll Turbocharger, direct injection high precision, and Valvetronic.  With the engine capacity of 2979cc, it is enough to produce 306 HP on rotation of 5800 up to 6000 rpm. Meanwhile, the maximum torque is 400 Nm on the engine rotation of 1200 up to 5000 rpm. BMW 535i can accelerate 5.7 seconds to reach 100 km per hour with the maximum speed of 250 km per hour.


The Strengths of BMW 535i

It is undeniable that BMW 535i is one of the best cars manufactured by BMW that comes with a lot of features along with other series 5 of BMW. Of course, BMW 535i offers some great advantages for drivers. For example, the design is really elegant and compact with the combination of sedan and SUV. Moreover, it is also equipped with bigger engine capacity that certainly can give power and speed.


The Weakness of BMW 535i

Somehow, this series of BMW really looks perfect with its interior, exterior, and engine specification. But, there is one reason that makes you think twice before buying it. Well, this car is quite expensive to afford. We can say that it is flawless, but the price is too great. If you want to purchase this car, you may need to prepare your budget as much as $60000 so you can buy this car.

Well, that’s all you need to know about BMW 535i that you need to know. Of course, this car looks really perfect in all aspects, but you must spend a lot of money to buy this expensive car.

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