BMW 335i F30 With Specifications

BMW 335i F30 With Specifications

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Advantages And Disadvantages BMW 335i F30

BMW 335i F30 is the sixth generation of the Compact Sedan from the BMW 3-series family. In addition the car is in the medium above the BMW 320i F30 and is under 338i F30. First introduced to the public in pertengan 2012. At the front of the display more wide and depicting the figure that looks ferocious and different from its predecessor because a little more cool.

In the performance, BMW 335i F30 engine used is the N55B30 turbocharger with the use of 6 cylinders in line. By using the machine is capable of producing maximum power of 302 Hp / 5.800 Rpm and torque of fuel reaches 400 Nm. BMW 335i F30 car equipped with the use of 8 speed matic triptonic transmission that can provide satisfaction in berekendara.


Interior Design BMW 335i F30

BMW 335i F30 has a body design that is longer and wider than the previous design. The car is very capable of providing comfort on the inside of the cabin with a maximum. For the headroom and legroom is also quite extensive. To the impression of a narrow interior MW 3 series is completely lost on this Car. BMW’s breakthrough by liquefying the BMW 335i F30 is considered a perfect advancement by German Sedan Car lovers.


Features BMW 335i F30

Features BMW 335i F30 is also using the latest technology. The technology includes a 6.5-inch LCD that is attached to the dashboard. Although the LCD is not designed to be folded automatically, it is the largest LCD ever mounted on a BMW Car. Plus the BMW 335i F30 class is under the premium sedan Car, indeed the decision of BMW is not unexpected. Not only that, the material used for the manufacture of its interior also does not use cheap materials. There are several other features such as up-regulated leather seats and electric elevations are standard features of the BMW 335i F30.


The price of the former BMW 335i F30 is in the range of 38.140,00 USD million to 46,131.47 USD. the price can change at any time depending on the condition and city where you live.

Thus information about the review of price specifications and advantages and disadvantages BMW 335i F30. Hopefully useful and do not forget to read other interesting articles.

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