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BMW 116i Price and Specs

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The needs of people’s cars are getting higher. Car companies are also competing to launch new products that make the market competition more stringent. A variety of cars are launched from standard cars to luxury cars.

One of the luxury car companies are aggressively launched its product is BMW. Recently the company from Germany issued a new product with the name of BMW 116i that carries bongsor but still elegant. To find out more about this car then you should continue to listen to this article.

BMW 116i and Price Specifications

BMW 116i is a car that is designed as a tough car, it can be seen from the form of a bongsor car equipped with a shiny black dominance and red color strongly reinforce the impression of this tough car.

With a formidable design will certainly make your driving activities more comfortable. In choosing a car indeed must know both from the specification, price and other as a comparison and preparation of the budget to buy it. If you are interested and want to prove the toughness of this car then can listen to the description of this article.

In its production, BMW 116i has two variations so you can choose the one that suits your character. BMW 116i using a 4-cylinder engine that has a capacity of 1.6 liters. In addition, the engine is also coupled with TwinPower Turbo, Double VANOS, and High Precision Injection. Transmission system is equipped with 8 speed manual streptotic, this engine capacity of 3000cc car that can generate power up to 136 Dk when the engine rotation 4000 rpm. The maximum torque that can be achieved is 220 nm when the engine rotates 3500 rpm.

Looking at the specifications of BMW 116i certainly gives a clear view to you how the power of the car. BMW 116i is very suitable if used for long distance, so for those of you who often travel long distances is highly recommended to use this car because it is more powerful. With the amount of energy spent while driving makes this car also excessive in fuel, so you have to do the comparison wisely before buying this car.

By looking at the various sophistication of BMW 116i may make you more interested in the quality of this car. But it’s good if you find out first the price dibandrolkan to get this car. As one of the BMW products certainly make this car has a fairly expensive price, because in addition to tough this car also has a luxurious elegant impression.

BMW 116i car price dibandrol with 38,524.00 USD only, so you can take home the car. But if the budget you prepared is not sufficient then it can prepare first enough. The most important thing is you already know the price range.

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